Invitation KEM Online Information Event: "My Solar House

On 29.11. Online event: My Solar House Take advantage of the lockdown phase and get informed! On 29 November at 6 p.m. the sixth online event of the Carinthian Climate and Energy Model Regions on the topic of My Solar House will start. The link to participate in the series of events free of charge can be found at The 17 climate and energy model regions, KEM for short, in Carinthia have [...]

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Bark beetle lecture, 17.10.2021, Kultbox Mörtschach

On 17 September 2021, the kick-off event of the KLAR! Future Forest" measure took place. The topic was "Bark beetles! Everything we should know now about protecting our forests..." - a red-hot topic, as the protection forest of our region is just [...] after the storm Vaia 2018 and the two snow-break years 2019 and 2020.

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Bark beetle event

After the storm Vaia in 2018, the snow-break winters of 2019 and 2020, and thanks to climate change in between, in addition to wind breakage and drought, the Mölltal valley between Obervellach and Heiligenblut is experiencing an epic bark beetle plague. The tiny beetle and its comrades are attacking the damaged trees one by one, leaving behind large areas of dead spruce. In the meantime, the [...]

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Do business, climate change and spirituality have something to do with each other - and if so, what? This was the topic of the lecture and discussion with Dr. Arnold Mettnitzer in the Schlössl Großkirchheim. The theologian, pastor, psychotherapist and book author Dr. Arnold Mettnitzer, who has personal roots in the Möll Valley - his mother visited the former Franciscan monastery in Großkirchheim - [...]

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KLAR! Citizens' Forum

New ideas on climate change were the focus of the Citizens' Forum on 12.10.2019 in the Kultbox in Mörtschach on the subject of climate change. In an open citizens' forum, impacts, opportunities and adaptation strategies were discussed and ideas for measures for the adaptation concept of KLAR! National Park communities of the Upper Möll Valley. The Citizens' Forum met with great interest and was [...]

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During the 2-day event with the renowned geologist Georg Kandutsch, the subject of climate change was theoretically conveyed during the castle talks in Großkirchheim and "experienced up close" on the following day during a hike. The geologist and Alpdoc Georg Kandutsch has known the Mölltal for over 30 years and has curated numerous exhibitions in the Mölltal. When he spoke at the [...]

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2nd Forum Anthropocene

The 2-day Climate Change Adaptation LAB with the Design Thinking method focused on the question of what education young people need to shape their future responsibly and what educational institutions have to do to achieve this. Through the input of Helga Kromp-Kolb, Heike Egner, Carmen Sippl, Irmhild Ludwiger and Carmen Watzl, a content-related arc between the contexts of [...]

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Are we noticing climate change in the Mölltal? How can we adapt to climate change? These two central questions were the focus of the KLAR! Workshop in the Schlössl Großkircheim. Under the motto "We cannot save the whole world, but we can consider how we can best adapt to the changed climatic conditions now and in the future [...]

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